Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)
Take Two (Genius + Zen)

Take Two (Genius + Zen)

Simplifies The Complexity of Well-Being and Productivity
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Mushrooms support every step you take.

Give your body, mind and spirit another chance to renew and perform at their very best.

When used in tandem, the astonishing science-backed ingredients of two potent daily elixirs tap into your quantic human force with aplomb.

Extract of Genius kickstarts your day with a subtle yet powerful laser-like focus for a productive, accomplished day ahead.

Essence of ZEN helps your system simmer down for REM sleep at night, to wake with a restful brain and body.


    • Stable Mood 
    • Clear, Calm, Alert Mind 
    • Good Working Memory 
    • Control Over Your Focus 
    • Improved Stress Response 
    • Natural Sustainable Energy 
    • Increased Productivity and Satisfaction 

Build-up Phase Protocol, first 2 weeks 

-15 sprays of Genius, daily

-15 sprays of Zen, daily


Maintenance Protocol

After 2 weeks, depending on desired strength

-Low-Mid: continue with 7 sprays each  

-Mid-High: continue with 15 sprays each 


How to Use

For instructions how to use scroll up to individual products


Pro Tip

Use more Genius in the weekdays and more Zen on the weekends.   


    • Extract of Genius:

      - Lion’s Mane [Hericium Erinaceus -Fruiting Body extract (90%)]

      - Rhodiola Rosea 3%

      - Ashwagandha 3%

      - Ginkgo Biloba  3%

      - Mint (essential oil) 1% 

      Essence of Zen:

      - Reishi [ganoderma lucidum -Fruiting Body extract (90%)]

      - Hawthorn Berries 3%

      - St John's Wort 3%

      - Lavender 3%

      - Cinnamon (essential oil) 1% 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Fast delivery and updates .

Can t thankyou enough for this product its helped my depression aniexty its making me more alert and happier focused and its helping my nerve damage slowly but most of all its helped .y stomach issues not suffering pain and constipation ...

Patricia Koning
Mother nature is amazing

I have ADHD chronic illnesses and HSP both products benefit me in ways i would of not expected. But i most deffenatly will keep buying both

Helga Ferreira
Great product

Really enjoying both Zen and Genius for my daughter! Became a fan and the team is very supportive! 🙏🔝

Malgorzata Patraszewska
Life changing

I absolutely love taking genius and Zen sprays as part of my daily wellness routine! These two powerful mushrooms have made such a positive impact on my life and I feel so grateful to have discovered them.
Not only do they boost my cognitive function which was declining with age, but they also give me a sense of calm and peace. I love that I can trust the quality and purity of the products from this brand, and I appreciate the convenient spray for easy dosing. I have recommended these elixirs to all of my girlfriends and they have also reported amazing results. Thank you for bringing these amazing natural remedies into my life! 5 stars!

Ana Isabel
Take Two (Genius + Zen) QUICK DELIVERY!

Just got my Take Two bottles! What a quick delivery in PT, perfect!
Starting my protocol now and i´ll be back afterwards with results :). It´s my first liquid shrooms trial, i´m used to take it in powder, so curious about the outcome.