About Us

Welcome to 7Flower, where we passionately embrace the wonders of sustainable, functional mushrooms to nurture and empower one beautiful soul at a time. Our enchanting journey began when our co-founder, Perry, bravely conquered his debilitating learning difficulties (ADHD and dyslexia) through the miraculous healing properties of nature's most treasured gems: mushrooms.

The name 7Flower signifies our deep-rooted belief in the interconnectedness of all living beings, symbolised by the number seven, which represents balance, harmony, and unity. Just as a flower blossoms and flourishes, drawing sustenance from the earth, air, and sun, we too aspire to help individuals flourish and reach their full potential by harnessing the natural healing power of mushrooms.

Perry Patraszewski and his wife

Perry's transformation ignited a burning desire within him to share this magical gift with others facing similar challenges. As fate would have it, the pandemic became an opportunity for Perry to spread the 'mush love' far and wide.

Our lovingly crafted products are made from all-natural, organic ingredients, sourced responsibly from Europe's pristine forests. We meticulously combine these elements, synergistically blending them to unlock their full potential for the best possible outcomes. At the heart of 7Flower is our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, health, and wellbeing.

Together, let's embark on this uplifting journey towards healing, boundless creativity, and a life brimming with charm and positivity. Join us as we change the world, one radiant soul at a time.