About Us

 The Mushroom Miracle of 7Flower

From Despair to Discovery

Once, I was trapped in a cycle of pain and confusion. Every day was a struggle, with my body aching and my thoughts clouded. I felt directionless and was on the brink of giving up.

But life had a turning point in store for me. I met a compassionate individual well-versed in Chinese health practices. She identified that my body was battling excessive inflammation, often referred to as "heat" in traditional terms. This was the root of my ailments.

Embarking on a healing journey together, we combated the inflammation. As it receded, my mind cleared, and a renewed sense of vitality and joy enveloped me.

It was during this transformative phase that I discovered the magic of mushrooms. My initial encounter led to an obsession. I delved deep, researching extensively, particularly about a type called Lion's mane known for its cognitive benefits. I explored various forms - from extracts to pills, powders, and liquids. I even experimented with combinations, like adding Reishi, which had a calming effect on my restless mind. Over a span of three months, these natural wonders replaced my pharmaceutical medications, leading to heightened creativity and a profound connection with my inner self.

Then, as COVID began its global onslaught, I noticed a pattern. Many of those affected had underlying inflammation issues. I was convinced that mushrooms held a solution. Driven by a compelling urge to share this knowledge, I wanted to offer a beacon of hope.

And so, in the midst of these trying times, Seven Flower was born.

Our mission? To empower individuals to remain resilient, healthy, and sharp, ensuring we stand united against any adversity with the smile on! 

Perry's transformative experience ignited a spark within his soul—a burning desire to share this gift with others who faced similar hurdles. And so, 7Flower was created, fueled by an unwavering passion to change the world, one radiant soul at a time.

Our Brand

The name 7Flower holds profound meaning. Symbolizing balance, harmony, and unity, the number seven represents the intricate dance between all living beings. Just as a flower unfurls its petals, drawing sustenance from the earth, air, and sun, we too strive to help individuals flourish and realize their full potential by harnessing the healing power of mushrooms.

Products for Healing

Natural Ingredients

We craft our products using only the finest all-natural, organic ingredients responsibly sourced from Europe's pristine forests.

Optimal Results

We meticulously combine the elements, synergistically blending them to unlock their full potential.

Client Well-being

At the heart of 7Flower beats an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, health, and overall well-being.

“We envision a world where individuals embark on a transformative odyssey, a journey towards healing, boundless creativity, and a life overflowing with charm and positivity”