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People in all walks of life find our products helpful and essential for an accomplished day. 

Found enormous benefits with it, I really enjoy the calmness it brings, it’s a very steady calm that helps me focus

Pedro T. 

Martial arts black belt master 
Lisbon, Portugal

7Flower Mushroom force became part of daily wellbeing rituals, to stay more focused and balanced, it helped me to relax and calm down. Thank you for your help


Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Kiev, Ukraine

Recently, out of curiosity, I have been experimenting with 7Flower functional mushrooms, it has been helping me focus, with clarity and productivity, clearing away brain frog and fatigue, better sleep quality. I have been loving it, I highly recommend


Musician, DJ 

Lisbon, Portugal

I have been using Genius and Zen for quite a while, and also gave it to my all family. I tend to lose focus and it helped me to get through the day, everything gets so much better.


Model, Event Manager

Paris, France 

Egle notices how absence of Lion's Mane extract affects her cognitive function


Body-work therapist

Lisbon, Portugal

It really helped me focusing on what I am doing. I really love Reishi because it calms you down, you arrived to a place where you are really resting

Esmeralda M.

CEO, Artist and Mother 

Madrid, Spain 

I have been struggling with ADHD since I’m young and nothing really worked from me on the long run. The 7Flower medicine have had a beautiful impact, I m feeling way clearer and I can actively choose to focus on things. It just works unbelievably well for me.


Event Coordinator

Berlin, Germany 

“I have ADHD and focusing on my work and studying has always been a struggle for me, about half a month ago I was introduced to the extract of Genius and now focusing on something has never been easier for me before



Lviv, Ukraine 

I was introduced to functional mushroom, I was a bit cynical, for many years I have struggled with my attention deficit, the results were amazing, it enables me to bring my thoughts in, and really helpful to switch off from jet lag

Rupert F.


London, U.K.

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As a natural cynic I was dubious about this stuff...

... but have heard and read a lot about functional mushrooms so decided to give it a go. To be perfectly blunt, I'm blown away by it. I've been using Genius regularly as I know how Lions mane helps with cognitive function - and I need all the help I can get! I've been spraying 7 times soon after I wake, 7 mid-morning and 7 around lunchtime. I've been powering through meetings, keeping myself and others on track and generally been managing an overwhelming workload really well. I'm not going to say it's all down to the Genius as I've been proactive in other ways to help me get through this difficult period, but as a massive procrastinator I know I wouldn't have been able to think so clearly without the help of this genius Lions mane product. I'm on my second bottle and it's now firmly part of my daily routine.

Steve H


London, UK 

I absolutely love taking Genius and Zen sprays

These two powerful mushrooms have made such a positive impact on my life and I feel so grateful to have discovered them.

Not only do they boost my cognitive function which was declining with age, but they also give me a sense of calm and peace. I love that I can trust the quality and purity of the products from this brand, and I appreciate the convenient spray for easy dosing. I have recommended these elixirs to all of my girlfriends and they have also reported amazing results. Thank you for bringing these amazing natural remedies into my life! 5 stars!

Malgorzata P

Business Founder 

Szczecin, Poland 

It is like a business partner that I can trust

I have bought Extract of Genius and Essence of Zen and used them for several months. I have a high-focus technical job and staying sharp whole day can be difficult, this is where the 7 flower product comes in, it is like a business partner that I can trust, it supports me reliably throughout the day. It surprised me with how it works, I was expecting it to be similar to other general supplements where it can be hard to detect any results, this works similarly to coffee, as in your spray and 30-60 mins later there is the tangible effect.

Przemek S. 


London, UK

I LOVE these products.

Both Genius and Zen are an important part of my daily routine and I could not live without them. Genius keeps me sharp and focused during long-tiring days- and I was immediately sold. I always liked Zen, but recently got more and more into it and now it is just as an invaluable addition to my day. And I love the taste!!

The quality of these products is high, I also love the feel of the packaging. Look forward to see what new products will come!

Sofia M 
PhD Biomedical Medicine 

Copenhagen, Denmark 

I will try it, because it’s you

Zen has closed a chapter of my sleep fragmentation. I used to suffered from terrible migraines, which heavily impacted quality of my sleep, forming a pattern. When offered Zen by a close friend, familiar with my compromised sleep, I thought to myself “I will try it, because it’s you”. Little did I know that it was in fact exactly what my body needed to reset and put sleepless nights to bed.


Creative Director 

London, UK 

The best functional mushroom products I have ever tried 🚀

I love both the Genius and Zen products and am on my third bottle of each. They have changed my work efficiency and focus and my quality of sleep and whenever I run out of either of them I really miss them. The product quality and ingredients are exceptional and they taste great too. Well done Perry and team! I look forward to more products coming soon.

Paul S. 


London, UK 

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