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GENIUS triggers the most potent parts of your brain’s excellence

GENIUS' Lion's Mane will help you stay focused, consistent and productive.

What is Genius 

Genius is a blend of adaptogenic plants and 90% of Lion’s Mane mushroom extract, the superstar of this elixir.

Did you know that research and studies have shown evidence that Lion’s Mane mushrooms stimulate the growth of neurons in the brain. Because of their amazing ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier, research suggests it may help with neurological disorders.

This powerful mint-flavored blend will help you focus more consistently, give you clarity and sharpen your mental precision.

7 Benefits of Genius 

1.  Sustainable Focus

2. Mental Clarity

3. Nerve Growth Factor in Action

4. Improved Reaction Time

5. Decreased need for stimulants such as caffeine

6. Boosted the Immune System

7. Mood Regulation

How and When to Use 

1. Shake well before using. 🔄

2. For the first two weeks:
- Spray x 5 under the tongue🖐️, 3x times between Morning and 4 pm🌞

After the initial two weeks, you have two options:

Option 1:
- Take 7 sprays per day. 🖐️✌️💦

Option 2:
- If you need extra support, continue taking 15 sprays per day. 🖐️🖐️🖐️💦

Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store out of reach of young children. Do not take this food supplement if you have any allergy to any of the ingredients of the formulation. This food supplement is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Who Should Take it 

Genius is recommended for individuals seeking to enhance their focus and precision in thinking. 

This is particularly beneficial for those managing symptoms of ADHD, specifically the inattentive type.

It's also an excellent aid for anyone going through periods of intense mental activity, such as studying or focusing on a specific task

Genius Spray is designed to support your cognitive performance when you need it most.

What is Inside Genius  

What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there scientific evidence to support the benefits of Genius and Zen?

Yes, indeed. Both Lion's Mane and Reishi mushrooms have been extensively studied for their health benefits.

The Lion's Mane mushroom, the star of our Genius spray, is renowned for its cognitive enhancing effects. Multiple studies have shown that it can support nerve growth, improve mental function, and help with focus, mental clarity, and memory.

Likewise, Reishi mushrooms, which we use in our Zen spray, have been studied for their calming and immune-boosting properties. Research has shown that they can help combat stress, promote relaxation, and support the production of the GABA neurotransmitter, which helps manage brain activity and promote better sleep.

Please follow this link for our blog posts with all science on mushrooms we use 

However, it's important to note that while these studies are promising, more research is needed, especially on long-term use. As with any supplement, individual results can vary. We always recommend talking to a healthcare provider to determine if Genius and Zen are right for you.

Combining Genius and Zen with other medications or supplements?

While Genius and Zen are generally safe to use, we always recommend consulting with a healthcare provider before introducing any new supplements, especially if you're already taking other medications or have health conditions.

ADHD hyperactive / Impulsive ?

Wise TCM physicians believe that Reishi mushrooms can help with hyperactivity by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation by affecting certain chemical processes in the body. Here are a few ways that Reishi mushrooms may promote relaxation:

Reducing inflammation: Reishi mushrooms contain compounds that have anti-inflammatory effects, which may help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Regulating hormones: Reishi mushrooms may help regulate the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, which can help reduce feelings of anxiety and promote relaxation.

Boosting immune function: Reishi mushrooms have been shown to enhance the function of the immune system, which may help reduce stress and promote overall relaxation.

Improving sleep: Reishi mushrooms have been used traditionally to improve sleep and reduce insomnia, which can contribute to feelings of relaxation and calm.

Essence of Zen with Reishi extract, (also known as Ganoderma lucidum), and supporting herbs make our Bioavailable spray 

ADHD Inattentive?

Extract of Genius, with its key ingredient, Lion's Mane mushroom, can offer multiple benefits to individuals with the inattentive type of ADHD:

Enhanced focus and attention: One of the primary challenges of inattentive ADHD is a short attention span and a difficulty in maintaining focus. Lion's Mane is believed to stimulate nerve growth factor (NGF) which promotes healthy brain cells and supports the overall brain health. This can improve focus and attention, leading to a greater capacity to stay on task.

Improved Memory: Lion's Mane supports memory and cognitive function, which can be beneficial to those with ADHD who often struggle with working memory.

Promotes Neuroplasticity: The stimulation of NGF by Lion's Mane also promotes neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. This can help the brain to adapt and improve its functioning over time, which is beneficial for managing ADHD symptoms.

Mood Regulation: Some individuals with ADHD may experience mood instability. Lion's Mane is known for its potential to support mood regulation, which could lead to better emotional balance.

Supports Gut Health: Emerging research is beginning to link gut health with mental and neurological health. Lion's Mane is beneficial for the gut, and by improving gut health, it could indirectly support better mental and cognitive function.

Natural, Non-Stimulant Solution: Unlike many ADHD medications, Lion's Mane does not have a stimulant effect. This makes it an appealing alternative for those who are sensitive to the effects of stimulant medications.

ADHD Combined? 

Boosted Concentration: With Genius' Lion's Mane supporting neural growth and cognitive functioning, you might find it easier to focus and maintain your attention on tasks.

Improved Memory: Both Genius and Zen could enhance your memory. While Genius supports cognitive function and memory through nerve growth stimulation, Zen's GABA support may improve your memory through better sleep quality.

Enhanced Mood Stability: While Genius can provide mood regulation support, Zen's calming effects might help you better manage emotional swings often associated with ADHD.

Better Sleep: Zen's primary ingredient, Reishi, is known for promoting relaxation and supporting a deeper, more restful sleep.

Decreased Hyperactivity: The calming effect of Zen could help manage the hyperactivity component of ADHD, creating a greater sense of calm and control.

Improved Gut Health: Genius, with Lion's Mane, promotes gut health which can indirectly

What exactly are Genius and Zen?

Genius and Zen are mushroom elixir sprays designed to support cognitive function, stress management, and overall well-being. Genius features Lion's Mane mushroom for focus and mental clarity, while Zen uses Reishi to help with relaxation and sleep.

How do I use Genius and Zen?

We recommend starting with a build-up phase for the first two weeks, using 15 sprays of Genius during the day until 4pm, and 15 sprays of Zen from 4pm until bedtime. After this phase, you can adjust the dosage to your preference and needs.

When can I expect to see results?

While some people may experience benefits within the first few days or weeks, First Benefits can be expected within 2 weeks and it typically takes about 2-3 months to experience the FULL range of potential benefits. Consistency is key.

Are there any side effects of Genius and Zen?

Both Genius and Zen are generally well-tolerated. However, everyone is different, and some people may experience minor digestive upset or other side effects. If you have any concerns or adverse reactions, stop using the products and consult with a healthcare provider or email us at for more information.

I'm not experiencing the benefits I expected. What should I do?

As we know, everyone's body and brain respond differently. If you're not experiencing the benefits you expected, it may help to adjust your dosage or the timing of your sprays. If you're still not satisfied, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to assist you. Get in touch with us via chat or 

Are Genius and Zen suitable for children or pregnant women?

Mushrooms are safe to take for kids over age of 8 years old in smaller doses, We recommend consulting with a healthcare provider before using the products, during pregnancy, or while breastfeeding.

Your full potential -  productive, calm and grounded you - is waiting for you!

Customer Reviews

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Very effective

Very effective product. Recommended.

Castaing Astrid


Spray bottle issue

I am not rating the product itself because I received it only yesterday. However, the spray bottle quit working after 3 uses and now I can't spray it under my tongue anymore. I can't dose it correctly at the moment.

7Flower contacted me and resolved the issue. I am happy with the quick and helpful response.

Federica C.
Never delivered

Been waiting for a couple months now, they sent me an email asking for a review but the order was never delivered

Dear Federica

We have sent you serval emails and the new set of the products. We apologies for the inconvenience. Please watch out for the parcel arriving today.


Christina Kerps
my review got erased

no critics wanted – beware – got my money back – but obviously product did not only work for me, but made my symptoms worse D:

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your experience. I want to clarify that your initial review was not removed. However, when you posted an additional review using the same link for the same purchase, it seems the system replaced the original one. We value all customer feedback and apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

I'm truly sorry to hear that the sprays did not work as intended for you and that your symptoms seemed to worsen. Our primary aim is to support our customers' well-being, so it's disappointing when our products don't meet those expectations.

As you mentioned, we promptly issued a refund, standing by our promise of customer satisfaction. We genuinely appreciate your willingness to try our product, and we're here to assist if you decide to explore other options in our range that might suit you better.

Thank you again for your feedback, Christina. We take all customer experiences into account to continually improve our products and service.

Mush regards,