a hand pressing a bottle spray of 7 Flower

Liquid over Powders


At 7Flower, We make our elixirs using the ultrasonic 

extraction method, cutting-edge technology in the 

extraction field. We ensure most of the bioactive compounds 

deposit from the solids'. (mushroom powders) 

Also, we add ancient herbs to support the mushrooms in helping you. 

In the comparison to powdered mushroom products, we distinguish four vital aspects:




Herbalists agree that alcohol

increases the absorption of an

herb by approximately 30%.

Formulating with alcohol in our

elixirs mean that the doses

can be smaller.

But the benefits are significant.

Extracts in liquid form are also

absorbed faster by the body than

a powder extract.




Elixirs are easy to

shake and spray under your tongue as a liquid. 

Little blood vessels in this sensitive area 

absorb the bioactive compounds from your 

products mush faster than your stomach can do. 

Delivering goods to your bloodstream straight away.

This is the easiest way to reap mushrooms' benefits at their

complete bioavailability!



An elixir format has a long

shelf life and is super stable +

will maintain its potency over a

the long time.




The majority of benefits and

medicinal compounds inside

mushrooms can only be

absorbed by the body if the

mushroom has gone through a

ultrasonic extraction method.

Releases of the full spectrum

of compounds from the

indigestible cell walls of

the mushroom.


Check out mushroom elixirs with the spray applicator to benefit from all of those above aspects. 

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